Imagine how in-depth knowledge can transform your business.

opentaps Analytics delivers powerful and relevant business analysis for growing your business.  By bringing together your sales and customer data from all sources together, we can help you uncover new opportunities for increasing sales and customer loyalty.

sales and customer data from multiple sources with a standard web API. Bring together your Point Of Sales (POS) terminal, online ecommerce store, and legacy ERP sales data into one place.
your customer and sales data with graphical dashboards to make faster decisions. When a picture is worth a thousand words, opentaps Analytics speaks volumes.
your data with pre-built reports which show you sales and life time values of your customers. You can see your data by time, geography, product.
opportunities hiding in plain sight with a fresh, in-depth look at your data.
sales by identifying your top-selling products, products with potential for improvement, and laggards to be discontinued, as well as seasonal and geographical sales hotpoints.
customer loyalty by finding high valued customers and increasing the value of your customer base.

Try it for yourself — take a look at these screenshots of opentaps Analytics, or  Get started with opentaps Analytics today and see how easy it is to get powerful, revelant business analytics today.

opentaps Analytics has pre-built data loaders which are compatible with the following systems:

opentaps Analytics is compatible with Magento opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM opentaps Analytics is compatible with Apache OFBiz

More data loaders are coming soon…